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Notice of WCSFA July 2016 SGM – Getting There

Notice of WCSFA July 2016 SGM – Getting There

Notice of
West Coast Science Fiction
Special General Meeting
Getting There

Date SAT, 23 JULY 2016
Start Time 2:00 PM – doors open 1:30 pm for sign-up, sign-in, and proxy registration
End Time 4:00 PM – clean-up volunteers may stay until 4:30 pm
Location Bonsor Recreation Centre, Multi-Use Room #1
6550 Bonsor Ave, Burnaby, BC (near Metrotown) – Google map
To: All Current WCSFA Members and Interested Parties
From: West Coast Science Fiction Association 2016 Board of Directors

This is a follow-up post containing directions to the upcoming WCSFA Special General Meeting. It contains information on the location and how to get there whether driving or by taking transit.

See you there!

Jenni Merrifield : secretary [at] wcsfa [dot] org
2016 Secretary, West Coast Science Fiction Association

Bonsor Community Centre

Where It Is

Bonsor Park is a modest park located just SE of the eastern end of the Metropolis at Metrotown Mall which is presided over by the Bonsor Recreation Centre. The Bonsor Recreation Centre is officially at 6550 Bonsor Avenue, at the corner of Bonsor and Bennet, but is accessible from several other directions. The park itself is framed by Bonsor Ave. (NW), Bennet St (N), Nelson Ave (E), Jubilee Ave (SE) and Central Boulevard (SW). The aptly-named “Brief Street”is actually the access road for one of the community centre’s parking lots.

Navigating The Building

Multi-Use Room #1 of the Bonsor recreational complex is on the second floor. It is on the same side of the hallway as the “Arts Room” projecting sign, and more nearly opposite the washrooms.

Inside access is by open-frame stairs or elevator from the main floor entrance lobby, which is at the SE side of the building. Outside access is by stairs on the SE side of the building, or by wheelchair ramp up the SW side.

If you use the outside ramp, turn right at the top and go to the farthest door along/around the courtyards. This is the only second-level door available for general entrance (Other doors may be open for the benefit of people using rooms on that side of the building. Don’t walk through someone else’s meeting or practice!)

Getting There

By Car

(From nearest major roads. Also, see Google Map)

Nelson Avenue (N-S) provides east-side access from Kingsway Avenue and from Imperial Street. Central Boulevard (NW-SE) provides south-side access from Willingdon Avenue and Imperial Street.

There is plenty of parking around 3 sides of the recreation centre. There is NO parking on Bonsor Avenue, which divides the recreation centre’s territory from Metropolis at Metrotown.

Parking is free, but only allowed while using the Bonsor Recreation Centre. Do not leave your car in the lot and go to the mall. Use the mall’s own parking for your before/after shopping run. The nearest mall parkade access is at the intersection of Bonsor Ave. and Bennett St.

By Transit

Make your best way toward Metropolis at Metrotown Mall, aiming for either the SkyTrain station or the bus loop. As you get near the Mall, check your arrival time against the #100 and #144 bus timings, noted below.

There are two (2) bus routes, the #144 Metrotown/SFU and the #110 Metrotown/Lougheed Station, which both approach and leave the Metrotown Bus Loop via Bonsor Street. There are stops in both directions at the intersection of Bonsor Ave. and Bennett Street.

On Saturdays, each of these buses runs every 30 minutes:

  • The #144 arrives at the bus loop just before the quarter-past and quarter-top points; it departs just after the hour and half-hour.
  • The #110 arrives at the bus loop at the xx:25 and xx:55 points; it departs at the xx:19 and xx:49 points.

Walk under the escalator, and dodge left around the end of the fence rail that divides the bus loop from the stairs up toward Central Boulevard. Walk two (2) short blocks along the north side of Central Boulevard to Bonsor Street and cross it. The recreation centre is ahead and to your left, beyond a grove of tall evergreen trees. Take the diagonal path into the nearest parking lot. Either walk around the building to the right to get to the main doors or use the visible outside switchback wheelchair/trolley ramp to get up to the second level’s outside courtyards and the handicapped entrance.

At the concourse level, do not take the usual left turn toward the overpass to Metropolis at Metrotown mall. Instead, go straight ahead, down the nearest exit stairs, and walk (SE) less than a block to the second of two crosswalks and cross Central Boulevard to the Metrotown Bus Loop. Once across the road, turn right and then follow the directions for walking from Metrotown Bus Loop, above.

NOTICE: SkyTrain Handicapped Access
The elevator at Metrotown Station is currently out of service due to construction. Anyone with mobility issues must travel to Patterson Station instead and take the special accessible service shuttle to Metrotown Station. (Consult with Translink for times.) Proceed from Metrotown Station bus loop as per general transit and foot access instructions.


One ground-level exit leads out very close to the Bonsor Recreation Centre – the “Bennett Street/Firefighters’ Hall” marked exist near the Bay. Go out the broad corridor by the Disney Store. This leads directly to the intersection of Bennett and Bonsor. USE THE CROSSWALK to your left (traffic is fast and strange there – don’t chance it!). A scrolling LED sign for the recreation centre is off to the right a little. Go CLOCKWISE around the building to get to the main entrance, or COUNTER-CLOCKWISE to get to the outside wheelchair/trolley ramp.

Contact Us
If you have queries about this SGM, the Call for VCON 42 ConCom Bids, WCSFA or other items.

For additional information about this SGM, the Call for VCON 42 ConCom Bids, or anything else related to WCSFA, VCON or it’s other events, please feel free to contact any of the following:

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