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Call for Bids to Run VCON 42 in 2017

Call for Bids to Run VCON 42 in 2017

Call for VCON 42 Bids

To: All Current WCSFA Members and Interested Parties
From: West Coast Science Fiction Association 2016 Board of Directors

The West Coast Science Fiction Association (WCSFA) is now accepting applications from groups of fans interested in becoming the core of the organizing committee (ConCom) for the VCON 42 convention, to be held in October 2017 at a venue still to be determined.

In order for a committee bidding to run VCON to be considered, the requirements and procedures noted here must be met.

Completed bid information must be submitted to the WCSFA Board Secretary (secretary [at] wcsfa [dot] org) no later than MON 31 OCT, 2016.

The WCSFA board highly recommends that anyone interested in being a VCON bid chair contact us to formally declare yourself much earlier than the bid deadline so that we may provide you with information and documentation that will be useful for developing your bid.

WCSFA exists to support fan-run events like VCON and is ready to provide any declared bid chair with assistance to help bring about a strong bid. Such assistance may include but is not limited to access to shared resources, forwarding names of potential ConCom volunteers who come forward during the course of the bid process, financial budget advice, and specifics for required and traditional event activities.

Jenni Merrifield : secretary [at] wcsfa [dot] org
2016 Secretary, West Coast Science Fiction Association

PS: If you’re interested in helping to organize the event but don’t particularly wish to be a bid chair (and thus “in charge”), please let us know. We can then connect you with declared bid chairs and you can discuss where you would best fit in their organization.

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Committee Requirements

A committee list with the names of at least five people with appropriate previous experience who will assume responsibility for the convention. This list must include the Chair, at least one Vice Chair, and a Treasurer, plus at least two others from the provided list of department heads.

Required Positions

  • Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Vice Chair (at least one)
    • Vice Chair, Business (Finances, Registration, Public Relations & Publications)
    • Vice-Chair, Front of House (Events, Exhibits, Program, Tech/AV)
    • Vice-Chair, Back of House (Venue, Hospitality, Operations, Services)

Department Heads

  • Business Division
    • Registration
    • Public Relations (promotions & publicity)
    • Publications (program book content & ads)
  • Front of House Division
    • Programming
    • Art Show
    • Vendor Hall
  • Back of House Division
    • Venue
    • Hospitality
    • Operations
    • Volunteers
This list does not include all possible departments your committee might have, only the ones the WCSFA board considers to be the most important for a committee to successfully run VCON. WCSFA can provide interested parties with a complete list of recommended departments and their responsibilities on request.

If there are multiple bids it is acceptable for them to share some members – e.g. the same person could be the Art Show Director for more than one bid, or the Vice Chair, Front of house for one bid could be the Programming Division Head for another – with the following restrictions:

  • A bid CHAIR may serve on another bid committee, but NOT as CHAIR, TREASURER or any VICE CHAIR
  • A bid TREASURER may serve on another bid committee, but NOT as TREASURER or CHAIR
Budget Requirements

A realistic, written, preliminary budget for the convention.

Samples from previous years and assistance will be provided by WCSFA in advance if requested.
Programming Requirements

One or both of the following:

  1. Name(s) of prospective Guest(s) of Honour who have indicated they are willing to attend if formally invited, and estimated expenses of bringing them.
  2. A theme for the convention, and suggested programming to go with that theme.

WCSFA recommends planning for an Author Guest of Honour, an Artist Guest of Honor and up to two additional Guests of Honour from any appropriate fan area.

VCON’s standard policy is that guests ARE NOT PAID appearance fees. Guests of Honor expenses may thus only include the cost of travel, hotel accommodation and a daily honorarium (currently at $50/day) for each scheduled convention day the guest will be in attendance.

Bidding Procedures

WCSFA will provide copies of the bylaws and any other relevant documents to announced bid committees.

A vote of members of WCSFA who are in good standing will be taken at a general meeting to select a bid from among those that are brought forward. This meeting will be held no later than three weeks prior to the current year’s VCON, so as to provide time to generate publicity material in time to be distributed at that event.

Prior to this general membership meeting, the WCSFA Board will meet with the declared bid committee(s) to formulate a recommendation to take to the general membership. If the WCSFA executive feels that no acceptable VCON bid is forthcoming, they may recommend that no convention be held the next year unless an acceptable bid is presented within four months of the current year’s VCON. In the event of a late bid, another general membership meeting shall be called and vote taken.

Contact Us

For additional information about this Call for VCON 42 ConCom Bids, or anything else related to WCSFA, VCON or it’s other events, please feel free to contact any of the following:

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