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WCSFA Takes on Stewardship of Northwest Fan Fest

WCSFA Takes on Stewardship of Northwest Fan Fest

Northwest Fan Fest: We’re not Dead Yet!

The West Coast Science Fiction Association (WCSFA) and The West Coast Fan Society (WCFS) announced today that the show will go on, as WCSFA agrees to accept stewardship of the Northwest Fan Fest convention (previously supported by WCFS) to ensure it will continue as the popular festival of genre media, cosplay and gaming that is has become, and will have the opportunity to grow to its fullest potential.

In the immortal words of Cameron Locke, president of WCFS, “The rumours of NWFF’s demise are greatly exaggerated!”

This year will see several smaller events hosted by WCSFA to promote all the most vital elements of NWFF and keep the heart of NWFF pumping.

“Northwest Fan Fest fills a vital niche in our community, it’s our duty to support it and help it grow,” said Chris Sturges, president of WCSFA, “We are planning a number of smaller events this year to support the community that puts on and attends NWFF.”

The events planned so far include a Walkoff-Rager event, a Gaming-only event, a Costume and Cosplay workshop series, and a Cosplay picnic. If you are interested in helping with these events or have an idea for a fan event, please contact the WCSFA Secretary at secretary [at] wcsfa [dot] org!

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  1. Shannon Luchies says:

    I’ve always kinda thought NWFF was sorta redundant with VCON around. Why not ‘fold’ NWFF into VCON and do one bigger SF and fan con?

    • Secretary WCSFA says:

      Hi Shannon, thanks for asking.

      One of the reasons we’re keeping them separate is that VCON and NWFF are very different from a tone and style point of view.

      VCON, is a rather “social” event, with a hospitality space, room parties and without long lines to meet pros and get autographs. And, while VCON celebrates the whole gamut of what can be called the “speculative fiction genres” and associated fandoms, it traditionally places a great deal of focus on science fiction and fantasy artists, authors, editors and publishers – a side effect of it’s history, having been around since 1971 when art and fiction was the only real source for heavy duty sf&f). We’ve also always had gaming (tabletop at first and console gaming from about five years or so ago), costumers (“cosplayers” in today’s parlance), scientists, musicians (“filk” mainly) as well but as secondary foci. VCON also doesn’t pay appearance fees, and while any pro is a potential guest so long as they are willing to join us for the cost of their transportation and accomodation, many of our Guests of Honor tend towards being less well known, often “up and coming”, with the occasional “big name”.

      NWFF, on the other hand, is a real “media con” with a foundation in Popular Media, Cosplay and Gaming – in fact, it was started when the organizers of three separate events, one dedicated to Media/Anime/Manga, one to Cosplay and one to Gaming, decided to pool resources and work together. While they have an artists alley and may have an art gallery, they are heavily weighted to Anime/Manga and you won’t find much (if any) evidence of authors and editors. As far as I know, they’ve never had room parties or a hospitality space, but they have had “late night, 19+” events held at nearby bars or restaurants. NWFF has always focused on bringing in pros from the film and tv industries, especially voice actors, and either pays appearance fees or guarantees a certain amount of income to them from their autograph and swag sales, so bigger names are the norm rather than the exception.

      Both formats are valuable in their own way – some people like both, some prefer one over the other – and we’d rather keep them going as is rather than trying to smush them together. It’s certainly possible that some aspects from NWFF make it into VCON and vice versa over time, but for now, we think it will be best to maintain them separately.

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