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Upcoming Con Organization Meetings

Upcoming Con Organization Meetings


The WCSFA board has been working hard in the background on initial preparations towards hosting two, 2-day, mini-cons in 2017—Nothing But Games (NBG), in mid-June, and VCON Relaxicon 41½, in late October—and now it’s finally time to start getting the REAL work done.

We will be holding introductory organizational meetings to bring together people willing and able to volunteer their time and efforts towards each mini-con’s Con Organizing Committee (ConCom). Each ConCom will be responsible for managing the many moving parts needed to put on their event, requiring dedicated individuals with a variety of skills and experience. WCSFA-level appointees will have primary responsibility for coordinating volunteers, marketing, social media, sponsorships, and event financials, though, if possible they, will work in conjunction with others on the ConComs.

Introductory Organizational Meetings
NBG Meeting
WED 29 MAR @ 6:30 PM, 2 -3 hours

Relaxicon Meeting
SAT 01 APR @ 1:00 PM, 2 -3 hours

Meeting Location
7842 Express Street, Burnaby (Fired Up Events) [map]

Anyone with the interest and the availability to do so is welcome to come out to the meetings for, and work on, either or both committees. What matters most is that you have a genuine desire to participate, a willingness to do your best and dedication to seeing your commitments through to their end.

If you are interested in participating on either or both ConComs but will be unable to attend the initial meeting (or missed the meeting), please let us know by contacting us.

We have included some basic information about each of the mini-cons below. Click on a button to go directly to the relevant section.

Nothing But Games   VCON Relaxicon 41½

Chairpersons Needed
Committee Chairpersons Needed

Each committee will require a designated chairperson to take charge of the overall direction and delegation of the committee’s activities, to work with the WCSFA treasurer, and for making regular status reports to the WCSFA board. If you would be interested in taking on this role for either committee, whether individually or in conjunction with a co- or vice-chair, please consider letting us know prior to the meeting by contacting us.

Nothing But Games

Games, games and more games!

  • What: 2-Day, 24-Hour Gaming Convention
  • When: June 17, 2017 @ 10:00 AM to June 18, 2017 @ 6:00 PM
  • WhereTBA
  • Rates All Ages: TBA
NBG Introductory Organizational Meeting
WED 29 MAR @ 6:30 PM, 2 -3 hours
7842 Express Street, Burnaby (Fired Up Events) [map]

Imagine taking all the gaming from VCON, all the gaming from Northwest Fan Fest, and a dash of gaming you might not have seen before and smushing it all together into a 2-Day Gaming-Only extravaganza. That’s Nothing But Games.

The event will hopefully include as many of the following types of gaming as the volunteers on the NBG ConCom can support:

  • Tabletop Gaming
  • Modern and Retro Console Gaming
  • Retro LAN Gaming
  • Handheld Gaming
  • Participatory Gaming (e.g. Human Battleship, Fandom Feud, Kill Dr Lucky in the Flesh, etc.)

There will be space set aside for a small number of scheduled panel sessions (1 or 2 an hour); a select number of vendors (eight to ten booths); some fan organization tables; and a low-key hospitality room.

We have also arranged to bring in several cabinet arcade games, and a pair of custom designed starship bridge sets running the Artemis Star Trek Bridge Simulator.

To be successful, the NBG ConCom will need people who can coordinate hosts, schedules and tournaments in the different game areas; find gaming-related programming guests and schedule panels; manage vendor applications; run onsite registration; run con operations; and run hospitality.

VCON Relaxicon 41½

Costumes, Writers and Games. Oh My!

  • What: 2-Day “Relaxed” VCON (smaller footprint, just as friendly)
  • When: October 28, 2017 @ 10:00 AM to October 29, 2017 @ 6:00 PM
  • Where: Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel (2nd Floor only)
  • Early Weekend Rates: Adult $35; Student/Senior $30; Teen/Youth $15
  • Summer Weekend Rates: Adult $40; Student/Senior $35; Teen/Youth $20
  • Full Weekend Rates: Adult $45; Student/Senior $40; Teen/Youth $25
  • One Day Rates: Adult $25; Student/Senior $20; Teen/Youth $15
Relaxicon Introductory Organizational Meeting
SAT 01 APR @ 1:00 PM, 2 -3 hours
7842 Express Street, Burnaby (Fired Up Events) [map]

VCON has always been a relaxed, friendly convention where we know that the pros are fans too; chatting up your favourite author or scriptwriter over a beer (or coffee) in hospitality is just the way we roll. This year will have most of what we’re known for, just scaled back a bit.

So we’ll have panels, readings, and even some workshops, just fewer running simultaneously than usual. We’ll have some space set aside for both console and tabletop gaming. We’d like to fit a little participatory gaming (e.g. Human Battleship, Fandom Feud, Kill Dr Lucky in the Flesh, etc.) into the schedule. We’d love to see an art show and a costume contest. It would be nice to have a cabaret dance as well. We will have a vendor hall and space for fan organizations. And, when you need a break, our (im)famous Hospitality Suite and Tap Room will be available, there will surely be Room Parties on Saturday evening, and there’s definitely gonna be a Dead Dog Party.

Exactly what will end up on the weekend’s “playlist” depends a great deal on who joins the ConCom. It will need people to find programming guests and schedule panels; coordinate the hosts and schedule for each gaming area; manage vendor applications; run registration; run con operations; run hospitality and the tap room; and manage fan organizations and room parties.

For participatory gaming, the ConCom needs someone who is interested in finding and coordinating individuals and groups interested in running such events and then working with programming to have them scheduled appropriately.

For an art show, the ConCom needs an Art Show Director who is capable of handling artist applications, coordinating the gallery setup, managing the gallery space, organizing GoH award selection, handling artwork sales and coordinating gallery take down.

For a costume contest, the ConCom needs a Costume Contest Director who can arrange for suitable judges, has a good sense for the rules for the event, can find (or be prepared to be) an MC for the event, and can obtain prizes for the winners.

For a cabaret dance requires someone able to find DJ’s willing to volunteer time to play dance music, decide what, if any, decorations will be set up, take applications for and schedule fan performers and find (or be prepared to be) an MC.

4 Responses

  1. Tony Poh says:

    This is happening on Salute weekend so you might not get everyone who is interest to come out.

    • WCSFA Secretary says:

      Tony, thanks for mentioning this.

      It’s unfortunate that there is a conflict with the Relaxicon meeting date but it won’t be a big problem as there are going to be many other meetings after this one. In addition, anyone who knows they are interested in helping out but can’t attend the meeting for any reason can contact us and we’ll make sure they get brought into the loop as soon as possible.

  2. Yvonne Evans says:

    Are the dates correct for Relaxicon? 29 and 30 Oct is Sun and Mon.

    • WCSFA Secretary says:

      Thanks for pointing out the error Yvonne. We’ve corrected the dates to Oct 28/29. 🙂

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