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2018 Annual General Meeting

To: All current WCSFA members and interested parties From: West Coast Science Fiction Association Board of Directors Purpose 2018 AGM – reports from 2017/18 board, elections: VCON 43 chair, directors. Date SAT, JUNE 30, 2018 Start Time 2:00 PM – doors open 1:30 pm for sign-up, sign-in, and proxy registration End Time 4:00 PM – followed by…
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Tell us what you think!

As a non-profit, member-based organization, it’s important for us to consult with our community from time to time to find out what we’re doing well, what we can improve on, and what we should offer in the future. We want to hear from you! We welcome your candid feedback and your creative ideas about how…
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Seeking Individuals for WCSFA Volunteer Appointments

HELP WCSFA “DO ALL THE THINGS”! The WCSFA board has a number of appointed volunteer positions at the top level of the organization that it is looking to fill. Each position is year-round and requires an individual willing to dedicate their time and efforts to getting the necessary work done on a regular basis. At this time…
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VCON To Have Breakout Year in 2017

WCSFA Says: We’re Doing All the Things! The West Coast Science Fiction Association (WCSFA) announced today that 2017 would be a “breakout year” for VCON– that is, they will be breaking out individual aspects of their annual three-day event into several, smaller, tightly focused events scheduled throughout the year. VCON, the signature event for WCSFA…
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WCSFA Takes on Stewardship of Northwest Fan Fest

Northwest Fan Fest: We’re not Dead Yet! The West Coast Science Fiction Association (WCSFA) and The West Coast Fan Society (WCFS) announced today that the show will go on, as WCSFA agrees to accept stewardship of the Northwest Fan Fest convention (previously supported by WCFS) to ensure it will continue as the popular festival of…
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