Hallowe’en Spook-A-Thon, Special Pre-Event Fundraiser

Come little children, I’ll take thee away,
Into a land of enchantment.
Come little children, the time’s come to play,
Here in my garden of magic…

Like a siren’s call, you can’t resist an evening with this much Halloween spirit! Take a turn playing games on stage, or enjoy the event from the audience and cheer on your favourites. Everyone has a chance to win awesome prizes!

Our good friends on the Fandom Feud team are hosting a special “by donation” event as a pre-VCON Relaxicon 41½ WCSFA fundraiser on Friday, October 27, 2017—the night right before the con—at the same venue!

This event is open to anyone, whether they’re attending VCON or not. Entry is “by donation” (recommended donation of $10.00).

And for anyone who is attending VCON, it’s a great reason to consider booking a room for Friday night! (Room Rate extended to Oct 10!)


Where Guildford Sheraton Hotel, Tynehead 1 (second floor)
15269 104th Avenue, Surrey, BC (Google Map)
When Doors open at 7:30pm
How Much The event is by donation!
(recommended donation of $10.00)

What’s Happening

Spooky Fandom Feud:

8 Audience members are split into 2 teams and compete in a haunted competition to see who has the best knowledge of popular scary or occult topics.

Whose Nightmare Is It Anyways

The blood-curdling improv show where you compete against your ghoulish friends to see who can scare up the most laughs from the audience! Compete in a series of games for a chance to play in the finale, and be crowned the evenings top entertainer!

Technically Correct

A special sneak preview of Vancouver’s newest upcoming game show! Audience members are drawn to take part in a competition of nerdy one-upmanship. Use your best trivia knowledge, bluffing skills, or outright blind guesses to impress and baffle the other players into submission.

Costume Contest

Come in a spooky outfit for a chance to win a prize in our costume contest! If you use body paint, please make sure it’s sealed so you don’t leave any on our chairs!


We’ve collected some awesome prizes from here, there, and everywhere to feed your desire for arcane trinkets and talismans.

First Annual WCSFA Fundraiser Anthology – Call for Interior B&W Line Art

The West Coast Science Fiction Association was happy to recently announce a call for story submissions for the first annual WCSFA Fundraiser Anthology. The goal of these annual anthologies is to promote our member writers and artists and to raise funds for the WCSFA events we all love such as VCON, Northwest Fan Fest, and Nothing But Games!

The title of our inaugural anthology is Power: In the Hands of One, In the Hands of Many

We put out a call recently for story submissions, but now we’re looking to you for art! We’re currently looking for artists who would be interested in providing black and white line art based on the accepted stories.

Artists who would be interested in working on interior line drawings for the anthology should email Ellen Michelle at ellen [dot] michelle [at] wcsfa [dot] org by October 31 to indicate interest or for more details.

As this anthology is meant as a fundraiser for WCSFA, we will not be able to offer payment for stories. We are asking for first world non-exclusive rights.

CANCELLED: Weird Science Fiction Fundraiser (Sep 29, 2017)


We apologize to any of our members who wished to attend this event. Unfortunately, there have not been enough interest or tickets sold to date to justify continuing with the event.

We will likely arrange for another event like this in the months after VCON has happened when there will be more time for us to promote and publicize it.

– The WCSFA Board

Come and enjoy the best night of entertainment this side of the milky way.

Weird Science Fiction is a night of comedy, twisted poetry and titillating burlesque performances all inspired by science fiction and fantasy. Join your hosts Anita Johnson and Mallory Gallant at this West Coast Science Fiction Association fundraiser as we begin the countdown to VCON 41½.

We kick off the evening’s events with Vancouver’s favorite improv group The Fictionals serving up Improv x Science fiction A.K.A the laugh element. Our computer predicts a 99 % probability of hilarity with only a 16% chance of Orcs…

Then you shall not pass on the opportunity take your mind on an unexpected journey with the delightfully twisted poetry of Duncan Sheilds and the amazing burlesque talents of Diamond Minx and Lace Cadet as they set their phasers to stunning and school us in their wizarding ways.

Costumes are encouraged!


Location: 7 Dining Lounge (53 West Broadway, Vancouver) – map
Time: Doors – 6:30pm; Show – 7:00pm
Tickets: $15 in advance and $20 at the door
Admission: 19+, Seating by General admission.
Facebook Event: http://bit.ly/WCSFA-WSF-201709

September 2017 Special General Meeting

Purpose Election of VCON 42 Chair
Start Time 1:30 PM – doors open 1:00 pm for sign-up, sign-in, and proxy registration
End Time 2:30 PM – followed by VCON Relaxicon 41½ ConCom meeting at 3 PM
Location #207 – 877 E. Hastings, Vancouver, BC – Google map

All current members in good standing of the West Coast Science Fiction Association (WCSFA) and other interested parties are invited to attend a Special General Meeting for the purpose of formally electing a chair for VCON 42/Canvention 38 (to be held in October 2018).

Details for the date, time and location are noted above. Information about the planned SGM agenda, member qualification, proxy voting requirements, and contact information for further questions are included below.

Jenni Merrifield
2017/18 WCSFA President & Corresponding Secretary



  1. Call to order
  2. Acceptance of Proxies
  3. Adoption of the rules of order
  4. Presentations by candidates for VCON 42 Chair
    1. Chris Sturges
    2. Additional candidates, if any
  5. Voting for Chair of VCON 42
  6. Closing Remarks
  7. Adjournment

Member Qualification

Any individual who meets one or more of the following criteria is an active member of the Association:

  • You registered for a paid membership to a recent (within the past year) or upcoming membership-supported WCSFA event;
  • You registered for a complimentary VIP or Sponsor membership to a recent or upcoming membership-supported WCSFA event;
  • You made a donation to WCSFA or one of its events within the past 12 months;
  • You directly purchased a WCSFA membership within the past 12 months;
  • You have a Lifetime Membership to WCSFA

You are a WCSFA member in good standing for this Special General Meeting if the above is true AND

  • You do not currently owe any debts to WCSFA.

Members in good standing who are aged 13 and older as of the date of a General Meeting are also Voting Members and are eligible to vote on any motions made during the meeting. Members who are aged 19 and older are eligible to run for election to the Board of Directors or as the Chair for running an event.

If you are not an active member of the Association you are still only welcome to attend the SGM either as an observer or you may become a voting member by purchasing a $5 voting membership or a membership to our upcoming VCON Relaxicon 41½ event. These can both be done in advance through Eventbrite at http://vcon-relax.eventbrite.ca/#tickets or on-site at the SGM, during the “sign-in and sign-up” period between 1:00 pm and 1:30 pm

If you are not sure whether you are an active WCSFA member, please contact the WCSFA Secretary (secretary [at] wcsfa [dot] org), before FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2017 to check your status.

For members unable to attend in person, proxy voting is allowed.
Instructions on how to set up a proxy vote are in the next section.

How to Set Up A WCSFA Voting Proxy

A WCSFA member in good standing may give their proxy to any other member in good standing. A proxy is only valid for a single general meeting and may be provided as described here:

  1. A proxy is given by providing a written notice to the directors indicating the following:
    1. the name and WCSFA ID number (if known) of the member in good standing whose proxy is given,
    2. the name and WCSFA ID number (if known) of the member in good standing to whom the proxy is being given,
    3. the date of the general meeting at which the proxy will be valid, and
    4. the specific motions, resolutions or elections to which the proxy is to be restricted if any.
  2. Notice of proxy may be provided to the directors in the following ways:
    1. as a paper notice that is both dated and signed by the member giving the proxy, submitted by postal mail or in person, or
    2. as an electronic mail message sent to the electronic mail addresses of the President, the Vice President and the Secretary from the registered email address of the member giving the proxy – (that is, the email address that this notice was sent to).
  3. All notices of proxy must be received by the directors prior to or at the start of the general meeting at which the proxy is valid.

To submit a paper notice by postal mail send it to the following address:

WCSFA SGM Proxy Notice
Box 78069, Grandview RPO
Vancouver, BC V5N 5W1

To submit a paper notice in person you may make arrangements to deliver it by hand to any current director of the board or it may be given to the member who will hold the proxy and handed into the board prior to the start of the general meeting.

As noted in instruction step 1.d the member must choose whether the proxy is applicable to ALL motions, resolutions, and elections to be voted on at the meeting or if it is restricted to only some. Restrictions can be applied by, for example, naming specific, individual motion(s) or resolution(s) noted on the agenda, specifying it is only for elections of members of the WCSFA Board of Directors, etc.

With a proxy, your vote will be assigned the same value as that of the person holding your proxy. That is, you may not choose to specify what your vote choice is independent of that person.

Contact Us

For additional information about this SGM, or anything else related to WCSFA or it’s events, please feel free to contact any of the following:

First Annual WCSFA Fundraiser Anthology – Call for Submissions

The West Coast Science Fiction Association is happy to announce a call for submissions for the first annual WCSFA Fundraiser Anthology. The goal of these annual anthologies is to promote our member writers and raise funds for the WCSFA events we all love such as VCON, Northwest Fan Fest, and Nothing But Games!

The title of our inaugural anthology is: Power: In the Hands of One, In the Hands of Many

Submissions are open until midnight PDT November 30, 2017.
Late submissions will not be considered.


The theme for this year’s WCSFA anthology is The Transfer of Power. There are many ways power is transferred between people or groups of people: war, marriage, death, sacrifice, magic… the list goes on! We want to see a wide variety of ways power could be transferred.

Along with the theme, there is an Easter Egg requirement. Each anthology, regardless of the theme each year, will require an Easter Egg in each story related to the VCON theme of that year. An Easter Egg is a subtle reference to a theme, person, or object that will be noticed by those who know it’s there or get the reference but will not seem out of place for those who don’t. This year’s VCON theme is Relaxation, so at some point in every story, there must be something to do with relaxation. Think about many different forms of relaxation: individuals relaxing after a fight, laws being relaxed, tools used for relaxation, etc.

Note that the Easter Egg only needs to appear once (but can appear more than once) in every story to be considered. Do not focus on the Easter Egg as the main theme.

While we encourage submissions from people living anywhere, the final anthology will contain at least 80% Canadian authored content and at least 50% Western Canadian authored content (for these purposes, “Western” covers those living anywhere west and north of Ontario – so British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, North West Territories and Nunavut).

As this anthology is meant as a fundraiser for WCSFA, we will not be able to offer payment for stories. We are asking for first world non-exclusive rights. Reprints will not be accepted.

Submission Requirements:

  • We are accepting science fiction and fantasy submissions, as well as cross-genre submissions (as long as they are primarily science fiction or fantasy).
  • Fiction prose only, no poetry.
  • Up to 5,000 words. If you are submitting flash fiction, ensure the story and plot are strong and well developed.
  • Stories must be submitted as .doc or .docx only.
  • Include your name and contact information (email address, phone number, and city, province/state, and country of residence) in the email only. Do not include your name or contact information in the story document, as the selection process will be blind.
  • Formatting: first line indent, 12pt black font, 1-inch margins, 1.5 spacing, justified.

To submit your story for consideration for this anthology, email the word document and a short bio to anthology [at] wcsfa [dot] org with the subject “WCSFA 2018 Anthology Story Submission”. If you have questions about the anthology or the call for submissions email them to secretary [at] wcsfa [dot] org.

This anthology will be curated and edited by Ellen Michelle.

Ellen is a freelance fiction editor who specializes in speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, crime, mystery, and horror). She works primarily with independent and first time authors on novels and series, but she also has a passion for anthology curating. Most of her favourite work is cross-genre (as long as it’s not romance-focused) and weird in nature, and she appreciates dark and light fiction almost equally. You can read about some of the works she’s edited at her online portfolio and hear what some of the authors and editors she’s worked with have to say about her on her testimonials page.

Tell us what you think!

VCON's mascotAs a non-profit, member-based organization, it’s important for us to consult with our community from time to time to find out what we’re doing well, what we can improve on, and what we should offer in the future.

We want to hear from you! We welcome your candid feedback and your creative ideas about how the West Coast Science Fiction Association (WCSFA) can best accomplish our goals.

The survey should take about 10 minutes.

Take survey now.

As a thank you for participating, you can enter to win a free weekend membership to Nothing But Games, June 17-18.

If you have any questions about the survey, contact Andrea at socialmedia [at] wcsfa [dot] org.

NBG needs sponsors

Are you a gaming or geek related business? Become a sponsor or vendor at WCSFA’s newest convention, Nothing But Games! This two-day gaming extravaganza brings the best of analogue and digital gaming together in Metro Vancouver: tabletop, RPGs, arcade games, LAN games, and more.

Build positive public perception of your brand by helping to bring the geek fan community together!


June 17 and 18, 2017
Sheraton Vancouver Guildford
Surrey, BC

  • Sponsorship opportunities start at $100.
  • Vendors tables $175.

Questions? Contact our sponsorship coordinator at sponsors [at] wcsfa [dot] org.

Upcoming Con Organization Meetings


The WCSFA board has been working hard in the background on initial preparations towards hosting two, 2-day, mini-cons in 2017—Nothing But Games (NBG), in mid-June, and VCON Relaxicon 41½, in late October—and now it’s finally time to start getting the REAL work done.

We will be holding introductory organizational meetings to bring together people willing and able to volunteer their time and efforts towards each mini-con’s Con Organizing Committee (ConCom). Each ConCom will be responsible for managing the many moving parts needed to put on their event, requiring dedicated individuals with a variety of skills and experience. WCSFA-level appointees will have primary responsibility for coordinating volunteers, marketing, social media, sponsorships, and event financials, though, if possible they, will work in conjunction with others on the ConComs.

Introductory Organizational Meetings
NBG Meeting
WED 29 MAR @ 6:30 PM, 2 -3 hours

Relaxicon Meeting
SAT 01 APR @ 1:00 PM, 2 -3 hours

Meeting Location
7842 Express Street, Burnaby (Fired Up Events) [map]

Anyone with the interest and the availability to do so is welcome to come out to the meetings for, and work on, either or both committees. What matters most is that you have a genuine desire to participate, a willingness to do your best and dedication to seeing your commitments through to their end.

If you are interested in participating on either or both ConComs but will be unable to attend the initial meeting (or missed the meeting), please let us know by contacting us.

We have included some basic information about each of the mini-cons below. Click on a button to go directly to the relevant section.

Nothing But Games   VCON Relaxicon 41½

Chairpersons Needed
Committee Chairpersons Needed

Each committee will require a designated chairperson to take charge of the overall direction and delegation of the committee’s activities, to work with the WCSFA treasurer, and for making regular status reports to the WCSFA board. If you would be interested in taking on this role for either committee, whether individually or in conjunction with a co- or vice-chair, please consider letting us know prior to the meeting by contacting us.

Nothing But Games

Games, games and more games!
  • What: 2-Day, 24-Hour Gaming Convention
  • When: June 17, 2017 @ 10:00 AM to June 18, 2017 @ 6:00 PM
  • WhereTBA
  • Rates All Ages: TBA
NBG Introductory Organizational Meeting
WED 29 MAR @ 6:30 PM, 2 -3 hours
7842 Express Street, Burnaby (Fired Up Events) [map]

Imagine taking all the gaming from VCON, all the gaming from Northwest Fan Fest, and a dash of gaming you might not have seen before and smushing it all together into a 2-Day Gaming-Only extravaganza. That’s Nothing But Games.

The event will hopefully include as many of the following types of gaming as the volunteers on the NBG ConCom can support:

  • Tabletop Gaming
  • Modern and Retro Console Gaming
  • Retro LAN Gaming
  • Handheld Gaming
  • Participatory Gaming (e.g. Human Battleship, Fandom Feud, Kill Dr Lucky in the Flesh, etc.)

There will be space set aside for a small number of scheduled panel sessions (1 or 2 an hour); a select number of vendors (eight to ten booths); some fan organization tables; and a low-key hospitality room.

We have also arranged to bring in several cabinet arcade games, and a pair of custom designed starship bridge sets running the Artemis Star Trek Bridge Simulator.

To be successful, the NBG ConCom will need people who can coordinate hosts, schedules and tournaments in the different game areas; find gaming-related programming guests and schedule panels; manage vendor applications; run onsite registration; run con operations; and run hospitality.

VCON Relaxicon 41½

Costumes, Writers and Games. Oh My!
  • What: 2-Day “Relaxed” VCON (smaller footprint, just as friendly)
  • When: October 28, 2017 @ 10:00 AM to October 29, 2017 @ 6:00 PM
  • Where: Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel (2nd Floor only)
  • Early Weekend Rates: Adult $35; Student/Senior $30; Teen/Youth $15
  • Summer Weekend Rates: Adult $40; Student/Senior $35; Teen/Youth $20
  • Full Weekend Rates: Adult $45; Student/Senior $40; Teen/Youth $25
  • One Day Rates: Adult $25; Student/Senior $20; Teen/Youth $15
Relaxicon Introductory Organizational Meeting
SAT 01 APR @ 1:00 PM, 2 -3 hours
7842 Express Street, Burnaby (Fired Up Events) [map]

VCON has always been a relaxed, friendly convention where we know that the pros are fans too; chatting up your favourite author or scriptwriter over a beer (or coffee) in hospitality is just the way we roll. This year will have most of what we’re known for, just scaled back a bit.

So we’ll have panels, readings, and even some workshops, just fewer running simultaneously than usual. We’ll have some space set aside for both console and tabletop gaming. We’d like to fit a little participatory gaming (e.g. Human Battleship, Fandom Feud, Kill Dr Lucky in the Flesh, etc.) into the schedule. We’d love to see an art show and a costume contest. It would be nice to have a cabaret dance as well. We will have a vendor hall and space for fan organizations. And, when you need a break, our (im)famous Hospitality Suite and Tap Room will be available, there will surely be Room Parties on Saturday evening, and there’s definitely gonna be a Dead Dog Party.

Exactly what will end up on the weekend’s “playlist” depends a great deal on who joins the ConCom. It will need people to find programming guests and schedule panels; coordinate the hosts and schedule for each gaming area; manage vendor applications; run registration; run con operations; run hospitality and the tap room; and manage fan organizations and room parties.

For participatory gaming, the ConCom needs someone who is interested in finding and coordinating individuals and groups interested in running such events and then working with programming to have them scheduled appropriately.

For an art show, the ConCom needs an Art Show Director who is capable of handling artist applications, coordinating the gallery setup, managing the gallery space, organizing GoH award selection, handling artwork sales and coordinating gallery take down.

For a costume contest, the ConCom needs a Costume Contest Director who can arrange for suitable judges, has a good sense for the rules for the event, can find (or be prepared to be) an MC for the event, and can obtain prizes for the winners.

For a cabaret dance requires someone able to find DJ’s willing to volunteer time to play dance music, decide what, if any, decorations will be set up, take applications for and schedule fan performers and find (or be prepared to be) an MC.

Seeking Individuals for WCSFA Volunteer Appointments


The WCSFA board has a number of appointed volunteer positions at the top level of the organization that it is looking to fill. Each position is year-round and requires an individual willing to dedicate their time and efforts to getting the necessary work done on a regular basis.

At this time we are looking for people with previous experience and skills, no matter how obtained, that would allow them to pick up the job and run with it.

If this is you, and you are interested in helping WCSFA do more and better for our community of fans, please contact the WCSFA Secretary at secretary [at] wcsfa [dot] org with information about yourself and the skills and experience you have that would make you suitable for the role or roles for which you wish to be considered.

Must-Fill Positions

WCSFA Volunteer Coordinator

Responsible for connecting with and organizing people interested in helping out at WCSFA events and pre- and post- event activities, either on a short-term or long-term basis. Will round up and schedule volunteers when and as needed and will help organize WCSFA sponsored Volunteer Training sessions offered through Fired Up Events. Will coordinate with and may mentor Volunteer Coordinators on the committees dedicated to major events (VCON, Northwest Fan Fest)

WCSFA Social Media Coordinator

Responsible for owning and administering activity on all WCSFA owned social media properties including those for the organization itself and those dedicated to WCSFA’s major events (VCON and Northwest Fan Fest) and the WCSFA.org blog. Will work closely with the Marketing Coordinator to get marketing materials posted in appropriate locations. For event-related properties, will coordinate with and may mentor Social Media Coordinators on the committees dedicated to those events.

WCSFA Marketing Coordinator

Responsible for all marketing and public relations for WCSFA and WCSFA events such as crafting and distributing press releases, developing marketing campaign materials, and arranging all external advertising. Will work closely with the Social Media Coordinator and Sponsorship Coordinator. Will coordinate with and may mentor Marketing/PR Coordinators on the committees dedicated to major events (VCON, Northwest Fan Fest).

WCSFA Sponsorship Coordinator

Responsible for locating and bringing in both major and minor sponsors for all WCSFA events but especially our major ones, VCON and Northwest Fan Fest. Will be responsible for negotiating major sponsorship deals and for tracking the list of minor sponsors. Will work with the Marketing Coordinator to make sure marketing materials include all key sponsors. Will coordinate with and may mentor the Chair and Sponsorship Coordinators on the committees dedicated to major events (VCON, Northwest Fan Fest).

WCSFA Youth Committee Chair

Responsible for organizing and presiding over a committee of young WCSFA members (up to age 25) tasked with providing input, generating ideas and planning programming to help WCSFA attract and keep more of their peers as paid members preferably without drastically altering the core nature of individual events. The committee would initially focus their efforts on VCON, for which this is a particular concern.

Would-Like-To-Fill Positions

WCSFA Fundraising Coordinator

Responsible for planning ways to raise funds for WCSFA, for specific events, for designated charities, or other reasons. Methods may range from a silent auction – alone or in conjunction with an event – up to a ticketed dinner and dance event, and anything in between. The Fundraising Coordinator would also be responsible for obtaining donations to use as silent auction items or event door prizes and would work closely with the Sponsorship Coordinator on this front. Will coordinate with and may mentor the Chair and Fundraising Coordinators on the committees dedicated to major events (VCON, Northwest Fan Fest)

WCSFA Campus Committee Chair

Responsible for organizing and presiding over a committee of individuals currently attending local post-secondary institutions dedicated to promoting WCSFA itself and WCSFA events on local campuses. Will work closely with the Volunteer Coordinator, the Marketing Coordinator and the Youth Committee.  Ideally, this role will go to someone who attends or works at a post-secondary institution, although we will consider anyone who can show appropriate experience and networks with one or more local campuses.

WCSFA Website Content Coordinator

Responsible for the content on all WCSFA web properties (WCSFA.org, VCON.ca, NorthwestFanFest.com). Will create, update and delete content when and as necessary. Will work closely with the Marketing Coordinator and the Social Media Coordinator (who will be responsible for blog content on WCSFA.org and who will need to know about updated or new content). May appoint Website Content Assistants to work as copywriters and copy editors. For our event-related web properties, will coordinate with and may mentor Website Content Coordinators on the committees dedicated to those events.

Dedicated to the exploration and promotion of the science fiction, fantasy and games culture in the Vancouver, BC metropolitan area