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Popup Bookshop & BBQ – New Westminster

volunteer-run, registered, non-profit society, dedicated to the exploration and promotion of the science fiction, fantasy and games culture in BC.

Popup Bookshop & BBQ – New Westminster

An event for lovers of books and bbq!

The West Coast Science Fiction Association (WCSFA) is holding a used book sale in New Westminster on July 28th – Good deals on used science fiction and fantasy books from a huge collection of authors. In addition to the bookshop, if the weather isn’t bad, we will also be hosting a BBQ so you can satisfy your hunger for food as well as your thirst for entertaining words. 

Funds raised from the sale will help offset the cost of WCSFA events including VCON, a volunteer-organized, general science fiction and fantasy convention that has been running since 1971.

WCSFA PopUp Bookshop & BBQ – New Westminster

Date: Saturday, August 28th
Time: 1 PM to 6 PM
Location: 1701 8th Ave, New Westminster, BC, Canada (map)

Price Ranges

$1 for magazines, $2 for paperbacks, $5 for hardbacks.

$1/$3 for “blind dates” (Softcover/Hardcover books wrapped in paper with keywords and phrases about them on the outside, so you take a chance to get a book you might not have otherwise picked.)

There may also be a few items outside those ranges – e.g. books signed by an author (more expensive), old SF&F magazines (less expensive), and the like.

Have books to donate?

If you have books that you’d like to donate, please contact Andrea at bookshop [at] wcsfa [dot] org.

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