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Cover Reveal! POWER: In the Hands of One, In the Hands of Many

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Cover Reveal! POWER: In the Hands of One, In the Hands of Many

Anthology Cover Art. "a west coast science fiction association anthology"; "POWER: in the hands of one, in the hands of many"; "Edited by Ellen Michelle"; "Cover Art by Eric Chu"

A year ago, the idea was brought to the WCSFA team to produce a fundraiser anthology. Many of our members are writers and artists, so we thought this was the perfect opportunity to promote our members’ work as well as raise money for the organization to continue putting on great events like VCON. Now, we’re proud to announce that the anthology is complete and on its way to the printer!

The POWER anthology contains nine short stories, each with their own cover art, in the science fiction and fantasy genres all related to the topic “transfer of power.” Keep an eye out for a hidden Easter Egg in each story, as well! Here’s a hint: If you’re a regular VCON attendee, you should notice the theme of the Easter Egg.

To celebrate this accomplishment, we thought we would share a sneak peak of the cover before the book’s official publication this fall. Cover art is by WCSFA member and VCON Artist Guest of Honour Emeritus, Eric Chu. Typography is by WCSFA member and the anthology’s editor and project manager, Ellen Michelle.

If you simply can’t wait until the fall to pick up your copy of POWER: In the Hands of One, In the Hands of Many, you can order a pre-sale copy now and have it delivered to you as soon as we have our hands on physical copies! Pre-sales available at the WCSFA Online Store or along with your VCON 42 Registration.

It’s a fact of life that money buys power, so why not order your copy of the anthology today?

Table of Contents

  • “After the Storm” by AA Jankiewicz
  • “Pomp and Circumstance” by Patrick Bollivar
  • “Sleeping with the Fishes” by Elisha Betts
  • “Lemonade” by Robert Dawson
  • “The Witching Hour Come Again” by Mackensie Baker
  • “Taking Love For Granted” by Nicole Iversen
  • “Vox Universum” by C Scott Davis
  • “Save the Human” by J Paul Cooper
  • “The Heart of the Cosmos” by Syl Sabastian

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