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Pop-Up Bookshop, 2019

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Pop-Up Bookshop, 2019

We’re well into 2019, spring has sprung, and it’s time to dive back into our fundraising activities. First up, we will be bringing back our popular Pop-Up Bookshops.

About WCSFA’s Pop-Up Bookshops

Our Pop-Up Bookshops sell used books about science fiction, fantasy, gaming and other topics that appeal to our members. Prices are fixed based on format (see table below), ensuring there will always be great deals on used science fiction and fantasy books from a huge collection of authors. All funds raised from the sale will help offset the cost of WCSFA events including VCON, our flagship general science fiction, fantasy and gaming convention that has been running since 1971.

One Issue of a Magazine or Comic Book$1

There may occasionally be items above these prices.
For example, we might charge more if a book was signed by the author.

Dates and Locations

The following dates and locations are planned for 2019.

SUNDAY MAY 26, 201911:00 AM – 8:00 PM1701 8th Ave, New Westminster
SUNDAY JULY 7, 201911:00 AM – 8:00 PM 1701 8th Ave, New Westminster

This list will be updated as more events are planned.

Location, Location, Location!

Speaking of locations, we are always on the hunt for additional free or low-cost venues where we could hold future book sales. Know of one? Please email bookshop [at] wcsfa [dot] org with details.

We need your used books!

Do you have books sitting on your shelves that you’ve read and that you’d love to find a new home for? Or how about books lurking in your to-be-read pile that you probably aren’t going to read? If you do, please consider donating them to us. The more used books we have, the more we can sell. And the more we can sell, the better our fundraising efforts will be.

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for books that will appeal to our community! Books must be:

  • In good condition (i.e. no torn pages or major water damage)
  • Any reading level. (i.e. we welcome books for children, tweens, teens and young adults)
  • Any format. (i.e. we will not only accept softcover and hardcover books but also magazines, comic books, graphic novels, audiobook CDs, etc.)
  • Any genre of science and fantasy fiction.
    e.g. space opera, urban fantasy, high fantasy, alternate history, paranormal romance, horror, space western, manga, and all the other subgenres of SF&F!
  • Any non-fiction works that are “genre-adjacent” or of “geek/nerd interest”
    e.g. real science and technology; analysis and critique of genre works; exploration of the fantastic – unicorns, faeries, vampires, mythology, UFOs, ghosts, etc.; biographies about people in STEM (Sci/Tech/Eng/Math), genre writers, artists of genre works, etc.; geek/nerd popular culture; etc.

If you’re one of our local authors we’d be very happy to accept copies of any of your works, used or new, if you would care to donate some. Give it your signature and we’ll promote it and you in the lead up to the next event!

Where you can drop off books

Book donation locations include:

  • 1701 8th Ave, New Westminster. Corner of 8th Ave and 17th St. Come around to the back door (driveway off 17th Street). Any time is fine – if no one is home you can drop bags or boxes off on the covered back porch.
  • During PopUp Bookshop events (see above).
  • Alternate drop off locations or even pick up can also be arranged. Please contact our Pop-Up Bookshop Coordinator, Andrea Driedger, at bookshop [at] wcsfa [dot] org.

2 Responses

  1. Kathy says:

    Do you accept non fiction books?

    • WCSFA President says:

      Yes! We will happily take what we call “Genre Adjacent” non-fiction books! That is, books on topics such as science & technology; skepticism; biographies of anyone associated with the genre or “genre adjacent” fields (e.g., scientists, TV and film personalities, authors, etc.); mythology & legends; etc.

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