West Coast Science Fiction Association Announces Breakout Year

Vancouver’s Oldest Fan-Event Organization Announces Event Plans for 2017

The West Coast Science Fiction Association (WCSFA) announced today that 2017 would be a “breakout year” for VCON – that is, they will be breaking out individual aspects of their annual three-day event into several, smaller, tightly focused events scheduled throughout the year.

Most of the Vancouver metropolitan area’s science fiction, fantasy and game enthusiasts will be familiar with VCON, the annual, three-day, fan-organized convention hosted by WCSFA in early October. But the organization’s plans are changing for this year and instead of hosting a single, intense, three-day fan event, they will host several smaller events over the course of 2017; each one focused on one or two core common components of VCON.

“We will be holding these breakout events throughout the Vancouver metro region during 2017. We hope to have at least one event every two months or so, although the actual schedule will depend on factors such as the availability of venues, equipment and people,” said Chris Sturges, WCSFA President.

The organization has confirmed one event: VCON Relaxicon (41 ½) – a two-day, low-key version of the organization’s traditional three-day science fiction and fantasy convention, to be held on 28-29 October 2017 at the Vancouver Guildford Sheraton Hotel. The event, which will focus on local guests and the author, artist, and science programming tracks, will provide the comfortable hospitality VCON is renowned for and the regular opportunity for personal, serendipitous, interaction between professionals and fans.

Other events the organization is currently considering include:

Nothing But Games
A two-day games-only event covering tabletop, console, LAN, retro, and arcade gaming.
All The ART!
A month-long, juried art show, open to the public, showcasing the absolute best work of artists and artisans who regularly exhibit at VCON and other local fan conventions.

WCSFA Secretary, Jenni Merrifield, explains, “Our organization depends on its volunteers to successfully put on each event it hosts. With most effort focused on one big event, there are fewer occasions to attract and retain the additional resources we need to continue our recent growth. This ‘breakout’ approach will create more opportunities to attract and train individuals; to build and strengthen the core of our volunteer community.”



The West Coast Science Fiction Association (WCSFA) is a BC registered non-profit society dedicated to the exploration and promotion of the science fiction, fantasy and games culture in BC in general and the Vancouver, BC metropolitan area. WCSFA’s primary mission is to foster and encourage interest, involvement and participation in local science fiction, fantasy and games fan culture by organizing events that promote these topics, most notably VCON, an autumn general science fiction and fantasy convention held in the Metro Vancouver area since 1971.

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